RED EYE is a multidisciplinary creative laboratory that supports the development and production of boundary-breaking performance work.

Innovative, experimental, spirited, distinctive, startling, daring and out of the ordinary, Red Eye is a passionate champion of new work for the stage.  In addition to creating its own acclaimed multimedia theatrical productions, Red Eye functions as an incubator and producer of other artists' works. Described as “the most fearless presenters in town,” co-founders Steve Busa and Miriam Must have opened Red Eye’s doors over the years to nearly 200 projects involving the creative efforts of more than 1,000 artists.

Red Eye has been celebrating the messy process of discovery since 1983.  Red Eye supplies audiences and artists with opportunities to get up-close and personal with the thrills and challenges involved in developing new work. 

Despite its tiny size…Red Eye has made mighty contributions over the years.  Both with its own productions and as a center for alternative theater, dance and film, the theater is a quiet incubator that cultivates art and artists across the aesthetic spectrum.”  - St. Paul Pioneer Press



Top of Page - DREAMLESS LAND by Julia Jarcho (2013) Credit: Video still shot by McGinley Motion
Inset - MERONYMY by Rachel Jendrzejewski (2012) Credit: Liz Josheff