Season Preview


Red Eye on the Move

Friends: Here we are. Some might say it's a period of "spacelessness." Since we moved out of our beloved and long-time Loring Park home, we have been hovering. We pop up in temporary and borrowed spaces, or we squirrel away in living rooms. We dig into process, we engage in speculative practices, and we plan for our future, for a time when we have a space. Sound familiar? You know we’re not alone in this. Art spaces continue to vanish and condos are sweeping every city in the country (and many across the world).

How do we create and perform in these conditions? What kind of work arises once we have been uprooted, when we are in transit, when everything appears to be provisional? How do we gather when we are guests wherever we go? Red Eye is working towards the establishment of a permanent home, but we ask these questions because performance will always be impermanent.

Red Eye’s 2019-20 Season

In 2020, Red Eye will activate a series of temporary homes, in partnership with venues like In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre, MOVO, and the homes of community members. Red Eye will present our annual New Works 4 Weeks Festival, share work from the seven new artistic directors, make a platform for artists early in their process, and create forums for Twin Cities artists working in contemporary performance to engage with experimentation, collaboration, and critical discourse. At the same time, we will prepare a new home for Red Eye, a home where the doors will be open wide. We invite you to gather with us in the shifting landscape, to devise how we might work together.

Upcoming Events

December 4, 6, & 7

EARLY BIRD is an experiment with the format of the work-in-progress showing. EARLY BIRD asks the artists: What does early process look like for you? Work by: Emily Gastineau, Alanna Morris-Van Tassel, AP Looze, Judith Holo Shuǐ Xiān, Chitra Vairavan, Rachel Jendrzejewski, and Sharon Picasso.

March 2020
Private homes around the Twin Cities

Red Eye Co-Artistic Director Theo Langason brings his distinctive blend of music, poetry, and improvisation on a tour of intimate spaces, inviting audiences to explore the meaning and sensation of home while nested in domestic environments. Look out for opportunities to host a performance.

May 28-June 21, 2020
In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre
One of the most dynamic platforms for contemporary performance in Minnesota, this year's New Works 4 Weeks Festival celebrates Red Eye’s 36th anniversary season. This incubator of new work has become a cornerstone of the Twin Cities performance landscape, culminating in a showcase of the freshest experiments from Minnesota’s most risk-taking performing artists. Festival artists announced in February 2020.

A second edition of EARLY BIRD in spring 2020
Emily Gastineau’s Generic Mood in summer 2020
A shared evening of works in development from Red Eye’s seven artistic directors
Red Eye throws a party
And more to be announced!

We look forward to gathering with you!

Val, Andrew, Rachel, Theo, Jeffrey, Hayley, and Emily