Early Morning Song

Oct 14 - 30

written by Rachel Jendrzejewski, conceived and developed in collaboration with Red Eye Theater

EARLY MORNING SONG takes on issues of climate change, legacy and what we leave behind as seen through the lens of an obscure woman scientist who is diligently documenting her life’s work. Confronting the questions of what to include and whom it’s for, she discovers she is no longer in control of what’s being catalogued, as the archive takes on a life of its own.

Two years in the making, this second major collaboration between Rachel Jendrzejewski (MERONYMY, 2012) and Red Eye Theater benefitted from a development grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as a partnership with The Playwrights' Center. Here's an excerpt from an interview with Rachel that the Playwrights' Center published in early September 2016:

Your Red Eye Theater commission Early Morning Song examines "creations that consume their creator." What have you discovered about this theme while developing the play?

Red Eye and I have been doing a lot of thinking and discussion and exploration around how this seed concept, "creations that consume their creators," plays out in the world, for good or ill: from the nuclear bomb to the internet to parenting and beyond. For awhile, I kept coming back to money - this human-made construct that completely controls contemporary human life. But over time, Red Eye and I have together shifted focus to think more about mortality itself and the consuming stories that we create about ourselves, our place in the world, our work, our legacies, what will happen when we die. To some extent, humans create these stories (and craft them with very particular comforting structures) to cope with deep fear of uncertainty. And yet, simultaneously, here we live on a planet with a very uncertain future, in terms of how much longer humans will exist at all. So that's become the meditation of this piece. 

Want to know even more about what is involved in creating a new piece of theater? in a wonderful series of short essays, Rachel documents the process. Read them here:


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written by Rachel Jendrzejewski
conceived & developed with Red Eye Theater

directed by Steve Busa

design & production...
Liz Josheff, Dolo McComb, Skyler Nowinski,
Søren Olsen, Beth Ann Powers

Megan Burns, Kimberly Lesik,
Dolo McComb, Miriam Must,
Sarah Parker, Jen Scott


This production is made possible through the generous support of Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Target, and Red Eye’s individual & small business donors. 

EARLY MORNING SONG was developed with support from the Playwrights’ Center’s Core Writer Program.

Docu Photos: Theo Goodell
PR Photos: Matt Benyo