May 29-Jun 21, 2015

New Works 4 Weeks 2015

Meet the Artists

Meet the artists for our spring festival of new work!

DaNCEBUMS (Isolated Acts Artists) is Margaret Johnson, Kara Motta, Eben Kowler, Maggie Zepp, and Karen McMenamy.  DaNCEBUMS met as students in the University of Minnesota’s dance department and have been performing thoughtful and provocative dance work in the Twin Cities for the past two years. Their collaboration is based on mutual love and respect for each other, systems of support, and a love for pizza and parties.They have presented their work at Public Functionary, Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis Theater Garage,The Kitty Cat Klub, Red Eye Theater, and, most recently, for the North Star Roller Girls.

DaNCEBUMS participated in last year's Works-in-Progress program. For this year's NW4W festival, they are developing a piece that explores relationships and sexual encounters.

Fire Drill (Isolated Acts Artists) is the artistic collaboration of Emily Gastineau and Billy Mullaney. They work along the disciplinary boundaries of dance, theater, and performance art, conducting experiments around the notion of contemporary and how art is meant to be watched. Their work has been seen at Red Eye Theater, Bryant-Lake Bowl, the Ritz Theater, Skewed Visions, and the White Page in Minneapolis, along the Central Corridor in Saint Paul, and has been curated in Portland, Oakland, and NYC.

For Red Eye's spring festival they are creating TROPHY, an evening-length work dealing with image, duration, and ways of viewing. It will be performed solo by Emily, and delves into ego, id, and sublimated violence. Fire Drill participated in Works-in-Progress last year and they are thrilled to be creating again at Red Eye!

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Hayley Finn (Isolated Acts Artist) is delighted to return to Red Eye after directing The Secret Lives of Coats and presenting Café Beautiful Loss as a Work-In-Progress in Red Eye's 2013 New Works Festival. She wrote and directed Hysteria: Silence In Stills (Culture Project NYC) and co-created Jigsaw Nation (national tour). She has directed at Cherry Lane Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe, HERE Arts Center, History Theatre, Flea Theater, The Kitchen, New Dramatists, O’Neill Theater Center, MJTC, Pangea, Playwrights’ Horizons, Workhaus Collective, and the Nine Gates Festival in Prague. Alumna of the Drama League Director’s Program, recipient of the Ruth Easton Fellowship and TCG Future Leader Grant, Hayley received her BA and MA from Brown University.

For this year's festival – part party, part installation, part performance – Private Party shakes up the relationship between performer and audience creating a unique theatrical experience that explores both the intimate and public self.

Hannah Geil-Neufeld (Works-In-Progress Artist) is an interdisciplinary artist interested in how absurd it is to be a human being in the world. Her art making practice is centered around wandering, noticing small things, and appreciating delays, annoyances, and failures. She has performed at Macalester College, Mixed Blood Theatre, In The Heart of the Beast Theater, The Walker Art Center, Red Eye Theater, and in Chicago at Links Hall and The Chicago Cultural Center with Every House Has a Door.

Hannah's Works-In-Progress piece is a science fair experiment exploring childhood, death, and superheroes. She performed in Red Eye's New Works Festival last year and is very excited to be making her own piece for this year's festival.

Samantha Johns (Works-In-Progress Artist) makes work based on her ability to understand what is needed in a given situation. She is beginning to value her huge dependence on set systems. She comes from theatre and marching band and love. With other humans, she builds work that is often in response to theatre and marching band and love.

Sam's WIP piece is neighboring reverence. It asks what it is to be a person, to ask questions, to live a good life. It is an invitation to re-imagine prayer in contemporary times.

More about Sam:

Dolo McComb (Works-In-Progress Artist) is an artist born dancing around in the shadow of Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs, CO. She studied Dance at the Colorado College where she had the delight of learning and working with HIJACK (Mpls), Elevator Repair Service (NYC), and performance duo Eiko and Koma (NYC). Livers and givers and gizzards and wizards. Since moving her body to Minneapolis in 2013, she has performed with Body Cartography Project, Taja Will, and most recently with choreographer Chris Schlichting. Dolo recently debuted an evening-length-Performance-Party-Event in NYC as co-director of Fooju Dance Collaborative.

Dolo’s Work-in-Progress piece is an investigation of how dance is written to music. What are words our words are words are what. Sanctity in the everyday, mania in slow-motion, the ocean. I am in the Baroque on a mild dose of hallucinogens. DJ Shadow shows up and I find out he’s been dating my mother. The secrets of the Universe are written on the inside of a pack of anti-diarrheals.

Moheb Soliman (Works-In-Progress Artist) is a poet and performance artist from Egypt and the Midwest, fairly new to Minnesota via Montreal. He has studied and worked in New York City and Toronto. Place, belonging, and identity are essential concepts for him. Moheb works part-time for the arts organization Mizna and spends much time and energy working on creative projects, writing proposals, walking outdoors, longing, and being thrifty. In 2013 he received a Pillsbury House Naked Stages grant and for 2015 he was awarded a Joyce Foundation fellowship for an ongoing interdisciplinary project dealing with the natural-cultural borderland of the Great Lakes.

Moheb's project is about inhabiting and identifying with places through such technologies as Google Street View; the place of nature in modernity; experiences of being "alone together;" the limits of language in capturing experience; and more, to be discovered. This is his first time working at Red Eye.

Taja Will (Isolated Acts Artist) is an artmaker, activist and holistic therapist. Her work aims to create ties between those three pieces of her identity and a rigorous commitment to the agency and spontaneity of improvisation. She was recent faculty at Hamline University and is currently a guest choreographer with Alternative Motion Project and recipient of the American Composer’s Forum Live Music for Dance grant. This is Taja’s third time in partnership with the Red Eye including Works-in-Progress(2010) and Sage nominated Awaken Absurdity for the Isolated Acts program in 2011.

My Only Option was SABOTAGE is a part of ongoing research, perfect in it's timefulness to the events occurring in our culture. It begins with the apple of knowledge, a more-than-mammal less-than-human response to survival of the fittest, confused with constructions of patriotic allegiance and throughout demonstrations of questionable trust and competition. The question being, am I stronger alone? Or are we stronger together?

Deborah Yarchun (Works-In-Progress Artist) is a New Jersey-born, Air Force-raised and Austin-rooted playwright; her plays are just as a geographically discombobulated. Her plays include The Aleph Complex, The Man in the Sukkah and Portmanteaux, and have been developed and produced across the United States and in Canada. Deborah is currently in residence in Minneapolis on her second Jerome Fellowship at The Playwrights’ Center. Deborah’s honors include the Richard Maibaum Award and the Kennedy Center’s Jean Kennedy Smith Award. She holds an MFA from the Iowa Playwrights Workshop where she was an Iowa Arts Fellow. More about her work at

Circles will explore telling a story in a roundabout way with a gradual reveal of what’s at the center. It’s an immersive theater experience that will seat the audience on the stage in a circular configuration. Circles focuses intimately on three characters and will unfold through interactive, interconnected monologues.

The piece is being directed by Adrian Balbontin. This is Deborah and Adrian’s first time working with Red Eye Theater.