Nov 11-19, 2016


by SuperGroup, in collaboration with the performers

List of Names. List of Identifiers. List of Events. List of Locations. Floor patterns cut by Deborah, Venus, Derek, Mary, Miriam, and Judith over many months. Movements to one person’s song, taught to others. So-and-so’s story told by Not-so-and-so.  Chorus and Solo, Invisible and Visible, Intimate and Periphery. And what about the future? 


PEOPLE I KNOW: exists in the questions you ask yourself. List of Questions: How long is this show? Who should I watch? Who's story am I hearing? Am I experiencing one person or all of them? Who is in charge here? How do I know a person?

PEOPLE I KNOW: started in late 2015 with SuperGroup (Sam Johnson, Jeffrey Wells, and Erin Search-Wells) creating six distinct solos with each member of the cast. These solos were performed across Minneapolis in Spring 2016 over the course of three months at 4 venues: 9x22 Dance Lab, Public Functionary (PEOPLE I KNOW: at the Gallery), Bryant Lake Bowl (PEOPLE I KNOW: in the Theater), and at the July installment of Future Interstates at the Cowles Center. The premiere of the group version of PEOPLE I KNOW: is a culmination of these solos: altered, fragmented, recontextualized, and combined to create an interdisciplinary performance that questions how we know we know who we know.

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Mary Moore Easter, Miriam Must, Derek Phillips, Venus Demars, Deborah Jinza Thayer, and Judith Howard.


Heidi Eckwall, Zachary Humes, Eric Larson, and SuperGroup.


Photo Credits: Theo Goodell and Megan Mayer


PEOPLE I KNOW: is co-produced by the Red Eye Theater and is made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation and by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund. This project has also been made with the support of Studio 206, as a part of their SpaceTime residency program 2016.