Shinar // Picasso

May 31, June 1 - 3

A Double Bill

The Speculative Sentence by Sharon Picasso
         + Here’s How (Refuted) by Anat Shinar

Sharon Picasso’s new movement work for four, The Speculative Sentence, inserts chance as a factor in what is illuminated on stage.  Using motion detector lights, hand-held light wands and other practical light sources, the piece is a fascinating study of

the spaces in between – the idea that we can’t necessarily choose what we reveal or hide about ourselves, and that often what connects us with one another can be equally random. Featuring dancers Brian J. Evans, Heidi Kalweit, Jesse Neumann-Peterson and Erin Thompson.

In Here's How (Refuted), Anat Shinar draws on a long-time obsession with self-help literature. Along with dancers Kara Motta and Kristin Van Loon, Shinar posits that minimal effort brings about maximal change, as long as one believes it can. Integrating movement, text, and installation, Shinar crafts a space in which clarity and disorientation overlap, reflecting how her struggle with anxiety manifests externally.


Sharon Picasso is a Minneapolis based interdisciplinary artist. Her creative work incorporates a background in dance, theater, somatics, music and design. She values process and cultivating an inclusive and sustaining environment. She studied acting and Psychology at the University of Minnesota-Duluth and earned a degree in Dance Performance and Choreography from The Boston Conservatory.

Anat Shinar is a Minneapolis-based contemporary performance and visual artist, curator, writer, and educator, and member of Fresh Oysters Performance Research collective. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BFA in Dance and a BA in Visual Arts, and completed her Master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Leadership, also at the UMN. Her choreography has been presented at Red Eye Theater, The Southern Theater, The Soap Factory, SooVAC, Bryant-Lake Bowl, and Ritz Theater