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The Good Boy and The Kid

June 29 - July 8

Presented by Sheep Theater

Are you Ready to RUMBLE?!
Sheep Theater presents a new play, The Good Boy and The Kid 

Tilly is a kid and Tilly loves professional wrestling and today is Tilly’s 13th birthday.  After learning her Mom’s TV repair shop is facing foreclosure, an ad comes on the TV for a wrestling competition where the winner will get to face the thirteen time heavyweight champion of the world, Johnny Outlaw Johnson, for a million dollar cash prize.  Tilly needs to learn how to wrestle and she needs to learn fast.  It just so happens she has a coupon for a $5 hour long wrestling lesson at a rusty old gym Downtown. Just like that of a great wrestling match, the complications and the circumstances escalate quickly from there.

Presented by Sheep Theater, the company that brought you The Assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand, George, Tamburlaine, Deus Ex Machina, and The Most Dangerous Game.


The Good Boy and The Kid features Jacob Mobley, Michael Hugh Torsch, Josiah Thompson, Nick Wolf, Madeleine Rowe, Tara Lucchino, Joey Hamburger, Robb Goetzke, Tom Schultz, Emily Wrolson, Mike Merino.


About Sheep Theater

Sheep Theater produces original plays with an emphasis on classically epic stories that highlight the deranged confidence of humanity with sincerity and honesty. Since 2015, Sheep has produced nine original plays in the Twin Cities. “Sophisticated rake stepping.” - Rob Callahan (Star Tribune 2015). Past productions include: Tamburlaine (Bedlam 2016), the Christmas Storiessz series (2013-2016), The Most Dangerous Game (Bedlam 2015, MN Fringe 2016), and The Assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand (2017).

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