Works-In-Progress 2012

May 31 - June 3

Week One of Red Eye's New Works 4 Weeks Festival

The New Works 4 Weeks festival is a place where individual creativity and adventurous performance come to life.  Start the month with Red Eye’s 28th annual works-in-progress series, featuring excerpts from four provocative stage works on one eclectic slate:

Nick LeMere :: HE & HIM / SHE & HER
Rachel Perlmeter :: PRINT CULTURE
Tequila Mockingbird :: DID IT HURT

Plot Summary

Patience and Other Boring Virtues is choreographer Non Edwards' first attempt at combining live and pre-recorded video dance. Six performers dance alongside images of themselves in an exposition of separation and restraint.

Dancer/choreographer Nick LeMere's trio, He & Him / She & Her focuses on the current and changing roles of marriage, especially as it pertains to same-sex relationships, examining values ranging from the religious to the ritualistic.

interdisciplinary artist Rachel Perlmeter's  PRINT CULTURE - a work partly inspired by the work of Eva Hesse - is an exploration of line, gesture and mark-making, and self-portraiture in various dimensions.

THE GHOST LIGHT GROUP's exploration of fear and suspense has morphed into a new configuration of some of the same artists, who now call themselves Tequila Mockingbird, and explore the idea of "young love" in their piece DID IT HURT.

Reviews & Press

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Home page photo credit: Nick LeMere in He & Him / She & Her, ©Playatta - Hal and Kara Lovemelt

New Works 4 Weeks is supported with project grants from the Jerome Foundation and Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, as well as by general operating support from the Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, Minnesota State Arts Board with funds appropriated by the Minnesota Legislature, Target and Red Eye's small business and individual donors.