Works In Progress 2015

May 28 - 31, 2015

WORKS-IN-PROGRESS opens Red Eye's 2015 New Works 4 Weeks festival. For six months each featured artist has been given full access to the theater, technical support, as well as feedback from their artistic peers as they develop their pieces. The process culminates in four public performances; a high-energy, eclectic evening of theater featuring a 15-minute excerpt from each of the five selected projects.

Hypothesis: I Am Alive Right Now and So Are You by Hannah Geil-Neufeld
In creating this two-person work, Geil-Neufeld started her inquiry by asking: Can I fit everyone I have ever known into my bedroom? What about a bathtub?  The questions continued to bubble up: What happens when you pour salt into a glass of water with an egg in it? Will the egg tell stories? Will the people float?

Clinging to the Bones of It by Samantha Johns
From an artist who typically collaborates with others comes a piece made only by her that neighbors on reverence. It asks what it is to be a person, to ask questions, to live a good life. It is an invitation to re-imagine theatre in our contemporary times, or to kill it.

Ogle by Moheb Soliman
In this multimedia performance poem the artist – who after the show will embark on a sprawling project involving four months of tracing the Great Lakes coast – experiments with some of the project’s essential elements: how we inhabit and identify with place in pervasive virtual spaces like Google Maps; how to manifest the sublime and bring it home; how poetry is uniquely suited to bridge the physical and the psychical; and more. Ogle stands these efforts up together long enough to evoke something ecstatically true about the experience of making self and place in modernity.

Milky Justice Music by Dolo McComb

An investigation in how dance is written to music, this trio finds sanctity in the everyday as it examines how we connect in very particular ways to the people, objects, thoughts and spaces around us.

Circles by Deborah Yarchun
Arriving at its story in a purposefully roundabout way, Circles is an immersive theater experience that focuses intimately on three characters whose relationships are revealed through interactive, interconnected confessions. The play culminates in an intense confrontation, but the climax will be the audience’s discovery of what’s ultimately at the center of the play and how everyone – the characters, as well as the audience – is connected.


Hannah Geil-Neufeld is an interdisciplinary artist interested in how absurd it is to be a human being in the world. Her art making practice is centered around wandering, noticing small things, and appreciating delays, annoyances, and failures. She has performed at Macalester College, Mixed Blood Theatre, In The Heart of the Beast Theater, The Walker Art Center, Red Eye Theater, and in Chicago at Links Hall and The Chicago Cultural Center with Every House Has a Door.

Samantha Johns makes work based on her ability to understand what is needed in a given situation. She comes from theatre and marching band and love. With other humans, she builds work that is often in response to theatre and marching band and love. She wants you to try a little harder, even if it hurts.

Dolo McComb is an artist born dancing around in the shadow of Pike’s Peak in Colorado Springs, CO. Since moving her body to Minneapolis in 2013, she has performed with Body Cartography Project, Taja Will, Kimberly Lesik and most recently with choreographer Chris Schlichting. Dolo recently debuted an evening-length-Performance-Party-Event in NYC as co-director of Fooju Dance Collaborative.

Moheb Soliman is a poet and performance artist from Egypt and the Midwest fairly new to Minnesota via Montreal, who studied and worked in New York City and Toronto. He has come to find place/belonging/identity as vital concepts for his life. He works part-time for the arts organization Mizna and spends much time and energy working on/towards creative projects, writing proposals, walking outdoors, longing, and being thrifty. In 2013 he received a Pillsbury House Naked Stages grant and for 2015 he was awarded a Joyce Foundation fellowship for an on-going interdisciplinary project dealing with the natural-cultural borderland of the Great Lakes

Deborah Yarchun is in residence in Minneapolis on her second Jerome Fellowship at The Playwrights’ Center. She is currently working on Tectonic Mélange, a new full-length play through an EST/Sloan Commission. More about her work at


Photo Credit: Bill Starr

Support for New Works 4 Weeks is provided by Jerome Foundation; Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation, The McKnight Foundation,  and Target, and by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.