Works-In-Progress 2016

May 26 - 29

Works-In-Progress opens Red Eye's 2016 New Works 4 Weeks festival. For six months each featured artist has been given full access to the theater, technical support, as well as feedback from their artistic peers as they develop their pieces. The process culminates in four public performances; a high-energy, eclectic evening of theater featuring a 15-minute excerpt from each of the five selected projects.


He(a)r Voice - Lindsay Forsythe

Expatria - Pedro Lander

Burger Queen // Dairy King - Stephanie Stoumbelis

More Than Candy - Nico Swenson

The Man Whistling Tunes the Piano - 600 WHALE


LINDSAY FORSYTHE investigates where a dancer’s body and a musician’s voice intersect, how they cohere, learn from each other, and ultimately create a new form together. How do they rescue each other when their crossing artistic paths create uncomfortable moments? Lindsay has worked with Tom Truss Dance Company, Suarez Dance Theater, Philippa Kaye Company, and Orjan Andersson. Her work has appeared at Dance New Amsterdam in NYC and 9x22 Dance Lab in Minneapolis. This project is a collaboration with local musician Jenny Kapernick who is half of the sister duo, folk rock band The Ericksons.

PEDRO LANDER explores his migration to the US from Venezuela, the grief for his lost homeland, and the emotional roller coaster of relocation through dance. Pedro has worked with educators and choreographers from around the world including Gretchen Cohenour, Jacqueline Markevitch-Paulsen, A.T. Moffett, Celia Arguello, Leoni McDonagh, and John Jasperse. In the Twin Cities, he has worked with Paula Mann’s Time Track Productions and performed a solo at the Walker Art Center's Choreographers’ Evening 2015. Pedro will be collaborating with Chicago-based percussionist Joyce Lindsey on this project.

STEPHANIE STOUMBELIS a.k.a. Bruce Sprungsteen / Brattny Spurrs seeks to unravel the tangled intersection of misogyny and white supremacy, where women are agents and objects, in an exploration that straddles the worlds of drag and dance. Stephanie has danced as herself for SuperGroup, Megan Mayer, Angharad Davies and Mad King Thomas. Her drag personas Bruce and Brattny haunt the Bryant Lake Bowl's Dykes Do Drag and were recently named The Best of 2015 by Kristen Van Loon for the Walker Art Center blog. For this project, Stephanie will be working with Alex Lange.

NICO SWENSON delves into the life of Warhol star Candy Darling, a trans woman who has been portrayed as a symbol of beauty with a tragic narrative. In an ensemble devised work, Nico collaborates with a team of artists to look at Candy’s story through the lens of the current buzz of trans bodies being both glamorized and victimized in today’s media. The creative team includes Anna Kunin, Hannah Stein, scottie hall, Anthony Michael, and Josie Beck, bringing together a variety of skills and backgrounds in music, performance art, drag, burlesque, literature, and political activism.

600 WHALE searches for a concrete understanding of the self, of our selves, of the self as a concept. Their piece is a clinical trial for a new performative medicine, drawing inspiration from experiences with doctors, parents, stories and the world at large. 600 WHALE (Søren Olsen, Ross Orenstein, Jeff Shockley, and Paul Stucker) is a collaborative exploration of performance vis a vis theatre. Simultaneously drawn to and repelled by the formal practice of theatre, 600 WHALE is focused on questioning and innovating around ambience, presence, and how we pretend.


Photo: Pedro Lander, Credit - Bill Cameron

Support for New Works 4 Weeks is provided by Jerome Foundation, Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, Target, and by the voters of Minnesota through grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.