Works-in-Progress 2017

May 25 - 28

Works-In-Progress opens Red Eye's 2017 New Works 4 Weeks festival. For six months each featured artist has been given full access to the theater, technical support, as well as feedback from their artistic peers as they develop their pieces. The process culminates in four public performances; a high-energy, eclectic evening of theater featuring a 15-minute excerpt from each of the four selected projects.

You Know We're Related to Debbie Reynolds - Heather Bunch
Inspired by family lore, this piece follows the story of orphaned women who grew up together in a boarding house off the Cotton Belt Railway in North Texas two generations ago.

Lilith - House of Hello (Christina Collins and Joshua Anderson)
A new experimental song cycle about the apocryphal figure of Lilith, recasting her from a bat-winged monster and destroyer of men into a complex, nuanced, and ultimately self-determining figure unfairly maligned by centuries of patriarchal storytelling.

Ham Fist Directive - Eric Larson
Mistaking sequence for cause and effect, this serio-comic exploration harnesses inappropriate judgments. It asks: How do we recognize recognition, and what do we do with it? Can we watch our impulses, and should we narrate them?

Of A Landscape - Anat Shinar
A dance that explores the mutability of a boundary as it is disrupted by bodies in motion, finding the distance between concrete space and abstract place, and between the natural expanse and its historical narrative.



Support for New Works 4 Weeks is provided by IBM, Jerome Foundation, Kaemmer Fund of HRK Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, Target, and by the voters of Minnesota through grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

Photo Credit: Anat Shinar