Works-in-Progress 2018

May 24-27

For  five  months  the  WIP  artists  have  received  full  access  to  the  theater,  technical  support,  as  well  as  feedback  from  their  artistic  peers  as  they  develop  their  pieces.  The  process  culminates  in  four  public  performances:  a  high-energy,  wildly  diverse  evening  featuring  a  15-minute  excerpt  from  each  of  the  five  selected  projects.

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fitter perception by Alana Horton and Patrick Marschke - fitter perception is an examination of the fallibility and inscrutability of perception, using a projection of a computer desktop as stage and story. Drawing inspiration from Wikipedia’s “List of Cognitive Biases,” as well as cognitive scientist Donald Hoffman’s interface theory of human consciousness, fitter perception explores the anxiety embedded in the interfaces of our everyday lives and the emotional fragments ingrained in the liminal space between minds, bodies, and machines.

Matryoshka by Anna Johnson - What happens when matter becomes conscious of itself? In this solo performance, Anna Johnson explores point of view, scale, and self-awareness through interactive video installation and live sound. The artist unpeels layers of memory and images as she wanders her psychic space, encountering past and future selves.

USWE(I) by Arneshia Williams - In USWE(I) dance-maker Arneshia Williams weaves together movement, sound and spoken word to examine concepts of inclusion and exclusion, self and community, and where physical and spiritual realms intersect. Employing a distinctive fusion of African diasporic and contemporary dance forms, Williams leads us on a journey where historic and present day challenges give rise to a determined hopefulness.

Term Frequency by Billy Noble - Term Frequency is an exploration of natural language and artificial intelligence. The work juxtaposes texts written by human hand with texts written using digital technologies like Siri, Alexa, and online chat bots.

Scrap Meaning by Kaya Lovestrand - The duet Scrap Meaning employs the shared abstract capacities of dance and poetry to seek an elusive ineffable understanding. Through research into the poetics of words and space – relying on both intuitive and external logics it proposes a world where confusion is satisfyingly articulate.