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“From the moment I stepped into the group, I felt like my identities and my visions were instantly embraced... I always felt a sense of community, as well as inquiry. Yes, we are a group of artists, and yes we will challenge each other and the work until we have thought through everything for the work to be what it has to be. I felt very connected to the level of critical discourse, the directness, the care for detail.”

This quote comes from choreographer and draglesque queen Pedro Pablo Lander, one of the artists featured in Red Eye’s New Works 4 Weeks Festival this past June. Leading up to the performance, Pedro had spent five months developing Holy Doña, a reimagining of the crucifixion as a queer performance ritual, in close dialogue with a cohort of peer artists.

“But wait!” you might be thinking. “Didn’t Red Eye lose its space? Didn’t the founders, Steve and Miriam, just retire? How is this work happening?”

It’s true that Red Eye’s long-time Loring Park home, like too many other beloved Twin Cities arts organizations, was lost to developers building luxury condos last fall. And it’s also true that Red Eye completed a planned leadership transition soon thereafter.

But through all this change, Red Eye has been steadily working toward a new era, in which we delve even deeper into our mission-driven commitment to supporting artists and introducing audiences to rigorous new boundary-breaking performance work. As we enter this next chapter, we are thrilled to be embracing a new organizational model of seven part-time Artistic Directors—all working artists who have had relationships with Red Eye in the past and who are honored to be leading Red Eye into the future.

Currently, we’re deep in the process of searching for Red Eye’s next physical home—which will be a home for YOU—a new space in the Twin Cities for all who gravitate to contemporary performance as a point of departure for research, reflection, connection, and transformation. But the work isn’t on hold until then. We’re thrilled to be presenting Red Eye’s New Works 4 Weeks 2020 Festival in partnership with In the Heart of the Beast—and we look forward to announcing several other exciting new program initiatives very soon. We invite you to gather with us amidst the shifting landscape, to devise how we might work together and realize a new home for contemporary performance in the Twin Cities.

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Thank you for being part of this process with us. We’re thankful for all that you make possible!

Val, Hayley, Jeffrey, Theo, Emily, Andrew, and Rachel

(Image: La luz, la sombrisa, y la galaxia by Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra / Lady XOK, part of Red Eye's Works-in-Progress 2019 and New Works 4 Weeks 2019 Festival at The Cowles Center TEK BOX)