So many ways to give of your time and talents!  If you don't see an opportunity that's a good fit for you, just let us know what type of project /task interests you...

Usher for a performance and see that night's show for free!
Send email to with your preferred date/s.
Description of duties: Arrive one hour before curtain; help stuff programs, hand out playbills to audience and direct people through the space. If there is an intermission: open interior doors, help sell concessions. After the show: open doors, put away concessions, recycle left-behind programs and throw away any trash in the house

Set crew and/or strike volunteer
Send email inquiry to
Like to build things or paint? We often can use extra hands in Mar/Apr and Sep/Oct to assist with set construction & painting. Prefer to tear things apart? Help us strike the set for a couple hours on the final night of a production and see that evening's show for free.

Archive documentation volunteer
Send inquiry to
Red Eye has 20+ years of slide documentation of its productions that needs to get converted to digital files. If you're someone who is detail-oriented and doesn't mind working on a task by yourself, we'd love to set you up with our slide scanner. Bring a book, a magazine, and/or your favorite music device. Time commitment: 2-4 hours at a time.

Party central volunteer
Send inquiry to
Are you someone who enjoys arranging flowers, plating trays of food, and other party-related tasks? Then sign up to assist with an opening night reception. Spend a couple hours before the show setting up; watch the performance; help carry trays to lobby; eat, drink, schmooze; help with clean up. 

Renovation of the dressing room, Target Restoration Project (March 2011)